screenshot command not working

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screenshot command not working

Post #1by celestia_user » 23.11.2020, 00:49

Hai sir,
screenshot = celestia:takescreenshot("jpg") is not working.

Sequence of commands are as below, please not that all variables in my script are working fine, I wanted to automatically store screenshot images.
tdb_dt = celestia:utctotdb(2010, 06, 21, 00, x, y)
screenshot = celestia:takescreenshot("jpg")
Please help me

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Post #2by Markerz » 23.11.2020, 01:03

Please file the issue here with details of your set up.

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Post #3by onetwothree » 23.11.2020, 20:12

From celestia.cfg:

Code: Select all

# The following parameter is used in Lua (.celx) scripting.
#   ScriptScreenshotDirectory defines the directory where screenshots
#   are to be stored. The default value is "", i.e. Celestia's
#   installation directory.
  ScriptScreenshotDirectory ""

You should set ScriptScreenshotDirectory to a writeable directory.

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Post #4by celestia_user » 23.11.2020, 22:56

I had tried setting directory using for eg: D:\celestia-extras, but actually D:/celestia-extras has to be used. Thanks everyone I could save screenshots.

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