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latest version for linux

Posted: 26.07.2020, 13:15
by Fizz
Hi all-

What is the latest version of Celestia for linux (Mint)? Where can one get it and how does one install?

I just did an upgrade to Mint 20, which required purging old repositories, and it removed my previous version. So i figure i might as well get the latest and greatest. Thanks.


Posted: 26.07.2020, 15:05
by onetwothree
Have you read It has everything you need.

Posted: 26.07.2020, 21:12
by Fizz
onetwothree wrote:Have you read It has everything you need.

Thanks. I've followed the instructions and got celestia-gtk 1.6.1 installed. I think i had 1.7 before, though maybe that is a development version.

How do i add extras? I recall i need an extras folder, but can't recall where it goes.


Posted: 27.07.2020, 05:07
by onetwothree

or you can define any other folder in /etc/celestia.cfg. In 1.7 you can create ~/.celestia.cfg and edit setting using it.

Posted: 14.10.2020, 18:25
by Fizz
Hi all-

I am now attempting a new install on a new system, but it doesn't seem to be working.

I have followed the instructions at (i'm using Mint 20, so it's Ubuntu 20.04 based).

When i try to start, i get the error

Code: Select all

Cannot chdir to '/usr/share/celestia', probably due to improper installation.

(celestia:154230): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 14:20:48.593: IA__gtk_widget_set_size_request: assertion 'width >= -1' failed
Error reading configuration file.

It seems it won't create the usr/share/celestia folder, and even if i create the folder manually it's not copying anything into it.

Please help! Thanks!