Cel 1.6.1 missing Styx orbit in the Pluto-system?

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Cel 1.6.1 missing Styx orbit in the Pluto-system?

Post #1by Stringence » 17.08.2019, 20:03

Hello everybody!

I was doing a presentation of the Pluto-systen, an found the fifth moon Styx missing.

Is there an update to Celestia, where Styx is included?


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Post #2by SpaceFanatic64 » 17.08.2019, 21:50

Celesita 1.6.1 has an outdated Plutonian system that has not been updated, but I do have an ssc code that you can use to display both Styx and Kerberos in Celestia.

Code: Select all

# Standalone data for Pluto's two moons, Kerberos and Styx. They are not included in default Celestia.

"Kerberos:S-2011 P 1:P4" "Sol/Pluto" 
   Mesh "asteroid.cms"
   Texture "asteroid.jpg",
   Radius   9 
   # chaotic rotation, exact rotation period unknown
   Period      32.16756
   SemiMajorAxis    57783
   Eccentricity   0.003820
   Inclination    0.389 # inclination to Charon's orbit   

   Albedo          0.5

"Styx:S-2012 P 1:P5" "Sol/Pluto"
   Mesh "asteroid.cms"
   Texture "asteroid.jpg"
   Radius   6 
   # like Kerberos, Styx has a chaotic rotation, but its exact rotation period is unknown
   Period      20.16155
   SemiMajorAxis    42656
   Eccentricity   0.005787
   Inclination    0.809 # inclination to Charon's orbit   

   Albedo          0.5

And no, Celestia never was updated after 1.6.1, but I highly recommend you get Celestia Origin. It does a complete upgrade to a Celestia installation. You can get it on the announcements section on the forums.
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Post #3by fyr02 » 17.08.2019, 21:52

I have my messed up origins; I can't control my mind. Also, did you know that cashews grow on top of apples?

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