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Re: Need a help

Posted: 26.06.2019, 19:45
by 6zayn
Hi everyone!

The problem in celestia is that scripts {celx} have a clock unrelated to the simulation clock.
This meant that while you could record your own movements easily.
Trying to record a script which you just watched work perfectly, would fail because they would come out of sync.
Which has prevented prerecording of presentations using celestia.

I found this because while system could handle 200+ fps, I was recording at ~30fps.
Because of the way celestia works, it was trying to record at 200+ fps, with the simulation clock advancing a frame slice.
Or to put it simply, the simulation was advancing its clock 1/30s @ 200+ times per second.
I got around it via brute force, it had no elegance.

I was able to come up with a new way to keep realtime sync.
While it is not as nice as having the scripts use the simulation clock, something I am still working on.
What it does is only record at the capture rate, regardless of the display rate. {Celestia calls the frame capture each tick.}
Therefore, a ten minute script, will require ten minutes to record.
Recording at greater or lesser than realtime will require celx to use the simulation clock.


Posted: 26.06.2019, 20:37
by Gurren Lagann
Possible spambot?

Posted: 26.06.2019, 20:50
by SpaceFanatic64
Likely so. Report the post if you find any unrelated links.

Posted: 26.06.2019, 20:54
by pirogronian
SpaceFanatic64 wrote:Report the post if you find any unrelated links.

I already approved this post, because I didn't found any unrelated information. Moreover, I think that I also encountered this issue.

Posted: 26.06.2019, 23:01
by Janus
I have posted on this before.
It reminds of one of my earlier posts on it in fact.

I have a source level tweak I use on my own forks that works around this, but it is not a part of the main branch.

No one has shown much interest, so I have not pursued done anything further here.


Posted: 26.06.2019, 23:16
by SpaceFanatic64
Yes, but like most spambots here, it can take days, weeks, or even months for the bots to change their post to include links.

Posted: 27.06.2019, 09:31
by onetwothree
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Posted: 27.06.2019, 09:48
by pirogronian
Ok. Spambot banned.

Posted: 28.06.2019, 10:02
by Lafuente_Astronomy
onetwothree wrote:Spam bot. The message has been copied from viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18688

That's bad! Spam Bots can copy some of our messages now!