Is Celestia available for IPAD pro ios 12 ?

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Is Celestia available for IPAD pro ios 12 ?

Post #1by Ashfaq_Shaikh » 23.02.2019, 09:32

Respected Members and Admin Sir,
I’m a High school teacher using celestial since five years, now i purchased IPAD PRO. I want to run celestia and its Educational version on it ? My Questions are
1. Is Celestia available for IPAD PRO ver ios 12 ?
2. How to run educational activity on ipad pro ?
3. From which link i’m able to download it ? Plz share

Thankss in advance....

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Post #2by selden » 23.02.2019, 13:20

Unfortunately, Celestia is not available for iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android, only for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Porting Celestia to either iOS or Android would require substantial effort.

For what it's worth, there are iOS and Android apps which make it possible to use a tablet (or phone) to display the screen of a desktop or laptop computer which is running Celestia.

Also, there are several 3D astronomical visualization and educational apps available for either iOS or Android, although I have no experience with any of them.

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Post #3by Janus » 23.02.2019, 21:17

It is theoretically possible to compile for android, and I believe ios as well, via the QTcreator if you have the ADK or equivalent for ios installed on your system and can get the configurations correct.

I poked at QT version for android before deciding that having celestia for android wasn't worth having to use QT.


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Joey P. M
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Post #4by Joey P. » 24.02.2019, 06:37

To be fair, I think we really need an iOS or Android version for Celestia. Celestia is a very good software that I would recommend, so it would be great if effort was put into making an iOS/Android version for it. My phone is an Apple iPod and I think Celestia would be perfect for it (though I have Solar Walk in it as well).
Joey P.

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Post #5by Ashfaq_Shaikh » 24.02.2019, 08:45

Thanks to All Sir,
I’m very thankful to you all for answer and guidance...
As most people tends to mobiles ipads and other small devices... it is necessary ios and android version will be there..
Hope admins and other developers think on this point sincerly...
Thankss again

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