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I want to make a 512k earth texture but i need the source.

Posted: 25.01.2019, 13:02
by Cornelius.Mynona
I would like to make a 512k earth textures but i have no idea from were i can get the source-textures.
I have try make a texturer out of sentinel-1 raw data but you can download only 100 raw-data-blocks on ones and this are 40k² kilometers.
This is not a solution for my project.

I reqest for help and proposals.

I would be happy to receive an answer.

Posted: 25.01.2019, 18:41
by john71

Added after 1 hour 17 minutes:
I found a 256k map attempt:

Added after 1 minute 49 seconds:
It was cartrite, who is still around!

Added after 1 minute 34 seconds:
By the way, does anyone have a complete 128k or 256k Earth texture add-on?

Posted: 26.01.2019, 12:45
by Cornelius.Mynona
Thank you for you answer but you don't understood me.

I want to build my own texture from source material.

Posted: 26.01.2019, 12:54
by john71
I think the source material is the main problem, we should gather all relevant sources. Personally I don't know any usable texture source.

Posted: 26.01.2019, 16:57
by cartrite
512k map of earth. :eek: I thought I bit off more than I can chew with 256k. As far as I know, 256k is about as big as you can get with visible imagery. But even that is only in the red band through modis aqua and terra satellites. Anything bigger must be a lot of aircraft or space station photos stitched together. Money seems to be an issue. 1300 for that link above. So any texture would probably have to be created. You could start with blue marble as a base, then use gdal to geo reference aircraft images. Be a lot of work though.

Because of a hard drive failure, I had to abandon my 256k efforts years ago. I may try again some day.

Posted: 27.01.2019, 10:28
by Cornelius.Mynona
Thanks for you suggestions.
I have again considered if i should do this with snap and esa access but it turned out that i would have to download a petabyte of raw data to create an area covering map.
Gdal sounds interesting. Is there a GUI tool where all necessary headers and scripts are precompiled? or is there only a detour via the console?

Posted: 27.01.2019, 23:30
by cartrite
Gdal is a command line set of tools. They can be downloaded as binaries. Each program is well documented. That is only part of the picture though. To get a good texture you need to process the images. I used Isis3. Another set of tools that can process satellite images. There are a number of tools out there. I'm sure the esa has some too. HDF Look was one I used. Not sure if it's still around though. Good luck.

Posted: 28.01.2019, 11:56
by cartrite
My memory cells are slowly coming back. HMMMM. Sorry, I misspoke above. I never attempted a 256k texture of the earth. I attempted a 250 meter per pixel texture of the earth which would scale down to a 128k earth texture to make it a power of 2. Even that attempt was more then I was able to do with my limited system. So 512k texture would be enormous. I wish you luck. You may need a server bank to accomplish this. The software mentioned above is a good start.

Posted: 28.01.2019, 12:09
by john71

Posted: 28.01.2019, 12:39
by cartrite
After a quick look at the link above, it was only scaled up. So the resolution didn't really increase to 128k. I was using (128k) data. The modis satellites aqua and terra have 250 meter/pixel resolution in the red (band1) and also 500 meter / pixel in band 1,3,4. I was using band 1 to (scale up) bands 3 and 4 to produce a better resolution then simply enlarging the 500 m texture ( Blue Marble, which is still available, I think). The spec and normal maps I did were 128k. From GMTED and SRTM.

Posted: 28.01.2019, 21:08
by john71

Posted: 01.02.2019, 12:05
by Lafuente_Astronomy
WOAH! Opening up just one of the textures you posted made my whole laptop lag! What pixel textures are the images anyway? 128k? 256k?

Posted: 02.02.2019, 17:12
by john71
21600x21600 pixels, the biggest png file is 416 MB. :)

Added after 3 minutes 46 seconds:
You have to use all of them to get 86400x43200 pixels.

Posted: 04.02.2019, 11:56
by Cornelius.Mynona
Thanks for the many responses,

let's see which of the above possibilities I will consider.
When I come to the point of progress, I will gladly tell you that.