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Camera View help

Posted: 21.10.2018, 17:30
by Old Philosopher
I just started using Celestia, and have spent a long time going over the Help, Read Me and FAQ files. I cannot find what I'm looking for.

When I zoom out to view the solar system, it displays on a flat plain viewed from the edge. I am trying to rotate/change the camera view so the entire system can be viewed with the individual orbits displayed as ellipses/circles. I guess you could call that a "top view" as opposed to an "side view".

I've probably found no help in the files because it is so simple and basic it's not readily documented. I've tried the Left-Right-Up-Down keys, the number pad, and dragging the mouse. All those do is change the position of the display on the screen.

Please help a newbie!!! Thanks in advance.

Posted: 21.10.2018, 18:20
by selden
You might be overlooking the mouse operation "RMB drag." It orbits the viewpoint around the currently selected object.

In other words:
Select the Sun, then
"Orbit" around it by moving the mouse while holding down the Right-Mouse-Button.

It might be easier to see what's happening if you turn on the Ecliptic Grid first.

Posted: 21.10.2018, 18:36
by Old Philosopher
Thanks for the advice and help. However, I solved the problem myself about 60 seconds after I posted this call for help! Doh!!!

A simple SHFT-[arrow key] solved the whole view issue!

Looking forward to lurking here and learning more about Celestia.