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Obtaining startextdump and makestardb binaries

Posted: 14.10.2018, 19:11
by Simons Mith
I am trying to get hold of a startextdump binary that works under either Debian stretch or Wine. Don't mind which. The handful of pointers I have found are so old the links are broken. Celestia itself is behaving perfectly, but I can't find [either of these tools]
Can anyone help out?
Thank you very much.

Posted: 15.10.2018, 16:38
by onetwothree
Hi Simons Mith,

Have you tried to compile them on your own? See src/tools/stardb directory in celestia sources.

Posted: 15.10.2018, 17:36
by Simons Mith
Tried, yes, succeeded, no. I dealt with the first two compilation errors but then hit
"Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3 and < 4.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!"

As Qt <4.0 is ancient history I gave up at that point.

Haven't looked at John V.V.'s QT5 build yet, because it seemed to still be a work in progress.

However, if I did manage to compile that version successfully, would I get these extra tools?
Do I need to compile in debug mode or anything?

The downloadable executables I've found don't appear to include either file.

Posted: 15.10.2018, 19:56
by onetwothree
You don't need to use configure for these tools, actually they don't have a Makefile for Unices. I'll try to create one in a few days.

Posted: 20.10.2018, 17:48
by onetwothree
Hi Simons,

I've built these tools on Debian stretch compatible system. They should be installed into /opt/celestia, just unpack tar.xz in '/'. Or you can install them wherever you want if you know how to amend/remove rpath :)

Grab the tarball from here.

Posted: 23.10.2018, 19:43
by Simons Mith
Thanks, I'm starting to use it now.