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Celestia bleeding builds doesnt load extras and more

Posted: 21.08.2018, 06:44
by vpontin
I tried to load this bleeding edge builds and the assets on Celestia GIT repository (basically "catalogs", "data", "fonts", "locale", "macros", "models", "platforms", "scripts", "sounds" and "textures" folders plus celestia.cfg, the .cel files and splash.png from root folder), i can boot Celestia but some features are missing.

If i create an "extras" folder and place some addons like i did before (previous beta builds and 1.6.x) they wont load.

Plus "dwarf-planets.ssc" on "data\solar-system\dwarf-planets" have some wrong referencies, like inexistent CMOD meshes for Ceres, Pluto and Charon, and the textures are referenced as .dds while in textures they are in .jpg.
I even created a ticket about this last issues but still got any reply.

If i'm doing something wrong what's the current steps to set up Celestia 1.7 beta?

Thanks in advance

Posted: 22.08.2018, 07:14
by Janus
You will need two files.

The current celestia-main from gethub.
Then either the x86 or x64 jun 2018 zip file from alexell's site.

Put them in a directory.
Extract celestia-main in place, this creates a celestia-main directory.
Copy the jun 2018 zip into the celestia-main directory.
Extract it in place, it will add a few things.

If you have the vs2017 redists installed, you should then be able to run celestia.

You should compare older and new celestia.cfg files to see how the directory structure has changed.
I do not have a list of those changes handy, perhaps someone else here does.


Posted: 22.08.2018, 08:07
by vpontin
I did exacly this steps when i tried and got the errors.

For clarify i used the build "celestia-1.7.0-x64-06Jun2018.exe"

Perharps i forgot to check celestia.cfg, i dont know

Anyway the issue of missing cmod files is still relevant

Posted: 22.08.2018, 15:22
by Janus
I didn't do a detail check of textures.

I have not looked at or used the ones on github since everything started up again.
I use my own which I have updated or tweaked for my own use.
I also checked my fork against the data from github, and got the same result, which is what I had expected.

This sounds like an issue alexell needs to address.
I would suggest a PM to let him know there are issues.