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celestia 1.7.0

Posted: 16.08.2017, 21:28
by themartian
well, i have downloaded the x64 of 1.7, but my pc needs the 32 bits version, does anyone knows where i can find it? :help:

thank you and sotry for my bad english but i'm native spanishspeaking :sad:

Posted: 18.08.2017, 07:38
by john71

Added after 1 minute 4 seconds:
Old 32 bit 1.6.1 version:

Added after 5 minutes 14 seconds:
First install the old version, then copy to the main Celestia folder the new exe and dll files.

Posted: 19.08.2017, 04:43
by themartian
it says i need a vcruntime.dll file that doesn't exists on my pc :pray:

Posted: 19.08.2017, 06:59
by john71
1.) Remove the fmod.dll and the 32 bit 1.7 dev7 exe file
2.) reinstall Celestia 1.6.1 again.
3.) run the 1.6.1 exe file.

Posted: 19.08.2017, 21:20
by themartian
i will see if that works, but if it don't work then idk what more to do, and if it works i hope it don't says i need something of opengl 5.0

Posted: 06.05.2018, 19:14
by roninwolf1981

Well, did it work?

Posted: 18.06.2018, 16:12
by themartian
sorry for repling late, i was a lil busy, nope it didn't work :cry:

Posted: 18.06.2018, 19:35
by Janus
A note here for people trying the current builds.

Alexell's releases for win32/64 all require the VS2017 runtimes to be installed.
They also require all of the QT DLL files as well.
If you do not have the runtimes in particular, and be sure to match the x86 vs x64 versions, it will give you errors.


Posted: 20.06.2018, 12:59
by CM1215
I installed the latest VS2017 runtime for x64 to run the latest Celestia 1.7.0 for x64, but when I try to load it up, it freezes at 100% files loaded. I get no error message, no warning, it just sits there and builds up memory usage.

I've also discovered that my indev 7 version of 1.7.0, which has been working for me for a long time, suddenly stopped working. For some reason, it freezes when it tries to load stars.dat. It also sits there and builds up memory usage.

I suspect some random Windows update is to blame for this...

Posted: 21.06.2018, 07:36
by gironde
I have the same symptoms and after a while the loading image disappears.


Posted: 05.05.2019, 07:49
by gironde
if you have a message from Windows notifying you of the lack of vcruntime140.dll, it is certainly that this file is missing in Windows / System32 or it is corrupted.
The best solution to put things back in place is to uninstall:
Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable
(corresponds to version 14.0.23026)
There is a 64-bit version and a 32-bit version (uninstall both)

Then go to the Microsoft Windows site to download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable again and reinstall it.

This is the best and safest way to re-install vcruntime140.dll, rather than downloading the file anywhere on the web.


Microsoft Visual C++2017 redistributable install an update to vcruntime140.dll version 14.16.27024.1


Posted: 05.05.2019, 16:05
by Janus
Okay, if anyone cares, here is commit 5482 {Current as of this writing} static linked via VS2015.
It has no external requirements at all.
THIS IS NOT THE QT VERSION, this is plain win32/64.
The only changes were adding values in winsplash that are missing VS, and the iob stub file for static linking.

I will be posting a tweak of this that displays RaDecDist sometime later.


Posted: 07.05.2019, 16:05
by john71
OK, thanks, I will try it!