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glitch: "point" stars appear as squares

Posted: 23.02.2017, 18:42
by TiberiusGracchus
I just installed Celestia and have a problem. when trying to view the stars as points, many of them appear as large squares. I tried uninstalling, re-downloading, re-installing. Still the same problem. :think: :cry: Anybody familiar with this issue and how it may be solved?

screenshot of what I am talking about


Posted: 02.03.2017, 20:17
by selden
Make sure your computer's graphics drivers are up to date. It's usually best to get them from the Web site of the company who makes the graphics hardware.

In the past, that effect has been caused by bugs in the OpenGL graphics driver, not by Celestia.

Posted: 03.03.2017, 00:55
by symaski62

Ctrl + V => OpenGL graphics driver