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Posted: 01.09.2016, 03:15
by eafbsd
I tried to install an updated version of the ISS. It instructed me to update the spacecraft.ssc in the data folder, trouble is, I have no spacecraft.ssc in my data folder. I running Celestia 1.6.1 - is there supposed to be a spacecraft.ssc or not? If so, where can I get the download?

Posted: 01.09.2016, 08:13
by FarGetaNik
There is no spacecraft.ssc in the default Celestia installation. Where did you get the addon from? Having a look at it might help. Maybe it wants you to update a file a previous version of this addon contained.
The default ISS addon by Celestia can be found in Celestia/extras-standard/iss but there the ssc is calles iss.ssc. Maybe manipulating this file might help, but I'd always recommend to do modifications by a seperate ssc file with a Modify command and put such ssc in an extra folder, where it's easy to locate and remove.

Posted: 01.09.2016, 20:25
by John Van Vliet

Posted: 02.09.2016, 19:14
by eafbsd
I downloaded the file from Celestia Motherlode > spacecraft > earth orbit. In the International Space Station, clicking on the "The ISS in various configurations", in the comments section the first comment tells of editing the spacecraft.ssc in the data folder. I moved the .jpg files from the textures and replaced them with the .bmp files from the download, and nothing happened. No change was made to the original file dated June 2008. The June 2008 model is the one I'm trying to update.

Posted: 02.09.2016, 19:47
by FarGetaNik
So I guess there were changes in Celestia's catalogues between 2008 and 2011. Assuming you use Celestia 1.6.1 your ISS addon can now be found in Celestia/extras-standard/iss
If it's the addon John posted a link to, then I'd recommend following procedure:

create a folder in Celestia/extras called ISS or something.
drop the components of the addon in there
open 01ISS.ssc (it is in the stage 1 part of the addon) and edit the first line to this:

Code: Select all

Modify "ISS" "Sol/Earth"
and save of course
Create folders "model" and "textures/medres" in this ISS folder and put a correctly named model and all the textures in their respective folders.
It should work now.

Posted: 03.09.2016, 02:57
by eafbsd
FarGetaNik - it does work now. Thanks for you help