How to Generate the XYZ files

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How to Generate the XYZ files

Post #1by CelestiaFansInChina » 19.03.2013, 12:02

Such as the title,and could you translate it as Chinese Simplified?
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Re: How to Generate the XYZ files

Post #2by Chuft-Captain » 19.03.2013, 22:15

See here: for general discussion and examples of trajectories.

Code: Select all

Here's an excerpt from the trajectory file for Galileo:

2447818.615972 134114700.2612462193 64912642.6984842718 39861.799941
2447819.615972 133153386.7785827518 66969511.3118158504 237125.784089
2447820.615972 132137795.3581911474 69024279.8844281882 418499.867572
2447821.615972 131079666.1268854141 71061806.8872888833 596914.157647

The first value on each line is a Julian date, and that last three values are positions in kilometers. The reference frame for the positions is given in the ssc file

For more details:

XYZ's are just ASCII text files, so you can create and/or edit them using any tool you like as long as it conforms to the conventions described.
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Re: How to Generate the XYZ files

Post #3by CelestiaFansInChina » 20.03.2013, 11:48

Oh?I am Understand it,Thank you very much!

John Van Vliet
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Re: How to Generate the XYZ files

Post #4by John Van Vliet » 21.03.2013, 05:21

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