Is it possible to re-center an object's xyz with ref-frames?

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Is it possible to re-center an object's xyz with ref-frames?

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 05.07.2012, 06:31

Ok, this is what I have. I "split" the Solar System into a close binary for my own personal use. So far, I've managed to recenter all objects successfully with this reference frame:

Code: Select all

Modify "Mercury" "Sol" {
   OrbitFrame {
      EclipticJ2000 {
         Center "Sol-Bastet"

And with no modification to any CustomOrbit declarations.

Except, that spacecraft that have Heliocentric .xyz orbits are still locked to Sol, rather than the new Barycenter (which itself was given the Sun's vsop87 orbit around the SSB). Cassini and Galileo are fine when orbiting their target planets, but during their Heliocentric flight stages, they are locked to Sol. I also have the Voyager spacecraft addon. They all use .xyz(v) files for their orbits.

My question is, is it possible to recenter objects with .xyz orbits to a new body using the "Modify" declarations and reference frames?

EDIT: Here's the system mods, if anyone needs it.

The spacecraft are in Miscellaneous.ssc. Ignore the bodies after Voyager 2 -- They're NEO's I got from the Motherlode.
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