understanding ssc

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understanding ssc

Post #1by eafbsd » 25.09.2011, 04:56

What in the .ssc controls the view of a spacecraft? Sometimes the craft comes into view upside down, and people have asked my why I did it that way. It seems there are almost as many differences in the .ssc files as there are spacecraft. Liberty Bell 7 has lines of "RotationPeriod", "Obliquity", "PrecessionRate", and "EquatorAscendingNode". The Corot craft lines are "Eccentricity", "Inclination", and "AscendingNode". What I'm trying to do is when I open my .cel script for Liberty Bell 7, the letters on the craft are upside down, and I'd like to turn the spacecraft using the .ssc to correct the orientation before opening the .cel script. As alway, any help is really appreciated

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Re: understanding ssc

Post #2by Reiko » 26.09.2011, 23:52

In the .ssc there should be a line for Orientation. If not, then you have to add it in.

"USS Enterprise-F" "Sol/Earth"
Class "spacecraft"
Mesh "entyf.cmod"
Radius 0.351

EllipticalOrbit {
Period 0.07165
SemiMajorAxis 78924
Eccentricity 0.0001
Inclination 5
MeanLongitude 355
Orientation [ 270 1 0 45 ]
#Obliquity 0.01
#RotationOffset 90
Albedo 0.006


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Re: understanding ssc

Post #3by eafbsd » 27.09.2011, 04:15

Thanks Reiko, I was beginning to wonder if anyone was out there...

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Re: understanding ssc

Post #4by ajtribick » 27.09.2011, 17:46

This is not a bug and as such should not be in the bug forum. It is more likely you'll get replies if you post in the right place.

For these kind of questions you would be better off asking in the Help Central.

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Re: understanding ssc

Post #5by selden » 27.09.2011, 20:57


Note that changing the orientation of the view is best accomplished in the .CEL or CELX script. Changing the orientation in the SSC changes the spacecraft itself relative to Celestia's universe.

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