Double elements...

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Double elements...

Post #1by Nicoskippy » 22.08.2011, 18:09

Hello. I'm writting because I need to fix a problem with Addons.
Sometimes, when I download a Addon, and if there's a original, it doesn't replace it. Software keep both, original and new.
How I can fix this problem, to eliminate duplicate elements. I mean, I want to eliminate the original for new addon?
And, What I can do to fix this problem and I haven't no more this error?

Sometime I'd like to make Addons, but I don't know what kind of software I can use.
Regard and I'll wait for reply.

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Post #2by selden » 22.08.2011, 21:14

One way to discover if there are conflicts is to look in Celestia's on-screen log.

To see the log. type a tilde (~) (<shift> <`> on most US keyboards)
You might need to type a <space> after the tilde if your keyboard supports diacritical marks.

Type the up- and down-arrow keys to scroll the log up and down.

When there is a conflict, when a second definition is loaded for the same object, there will be a message which says something like
Loading solar system catalog: extras/ssc_test.ssc
Error in .ssc file (line 5): warning duplicate definition of Sol my_planet

Unfortunately, Celestia does not tell you which SSC has the first definition.

The only way to find the first definition is to eliminate Addons. Each should be in its own folder, so you can drag them one (or several) at a time into some other folder, away from Celestia -- into your Documents folder, for example. Then restart Celestia and see if it still complains.

Sorry. It's rather painful.

There are many different types of Addons, and many different programs you can use. You might start by looking at the Web page ... intro.html

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Re: Double elements...

Post #3by thennonasc » 30.08.2011, 18:14

For what it's worth, I make my add-ons using Notepad. :shrugs:

I used to have a duplication problem, particularly when I wanted to make changes to our Solar System (i.e. change some aspect of the orbit of one of the planets like Mars, Venus, etc.) I would end up with my "new" Mars in its new orbit, but the original would still be there. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong:

I made a backup of solarsys.ssc, but I kept that backup in the same directory. The duplication problems ended when I moved solarsys-backup.ssc completely outside of the entire Celestia directory structure.

Tim H.

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Re: Double elements...

Post #4by selden » 30.08.2011, 18:41

Rereading the original post, there may be a simple solution.

If you want to install a new version of an Addon and avoid conflicts with a previous version of that Addon, you must remove the previous version of Addon entirely before you install the new one.(*) If the original Addon was written and installed in the way that is recommended on the Motherlode, it is contained entirely in its own folder within Celstia's /extras/ folder. To remove it, you would only need to drag the old Addon's folder somewhere else -- either to the Recycle Bin (under Windows) or, if you want to keep it for some reason, into some other folder. It needs to be moved to a folder which is not in any of Celestia's folders. e.g. into your Documents folder.

After the old folder has been (re)moved, then you can install the new version of the Addon.

Does this help?

* -- If the new Addon has already overwritten and damaged the previous version by writing into its folder, you can delete the damaged Addon folder (move it to the Recyle Bin) and then install the new Addon again.

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