Class of ReferencePoint

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Class of ReferencePoint

Post #1by Gauß » 08.05.2011, 09:22

I would like to create a double-asteroid. I tried this:

ReferencePoint "[name]" "Sol"
Class "asteroid"
Visible true
Clickable true


The orbit is green and it disappears when I uncheck the orbits for moons. :cry:
I would like to have a ReferencePoint with the class "asteroid".
Copy Pluto-Charon does not help because it uses CustomOrbit. :(

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Re: Class of ReferencePoint

Post #2by selden » 08.05.2011, 11:30

This is a limitation in Celestia.

However, if the masses are enough different that you don't need to have them both orbiting around the same point, you can make them both asteroids. Leave off the ReferencePoint prefix.

Alternatively, make the third "barycenter" object invisibly tiny with a miniscule albedo. Another way to hide it is to use a mesh that has a fully transparent opacity value in its material definition.

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