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Movie capture

Posted: 23.03.2010, 02:29
by huonpine
Hi folks,
I am wondering if it is possible to set a custom movie capture size.

What I am trying to do is capture a movie for use on a planetarium dome.

I have managed to achieve this (in an as yet quite basic form) by adapting Selden's 6view.celx script (thanks!) to produce a movie segment with 4 square panels, each with a FOV of 90, with the panels looking forward, up, left and right.

I then cut these panels into seperate movies using VirtualDub.

These seperate AVI movies (one for each view) are then imported into Adobe After Effects and converted into a circular dome master, which can then be played through warping software for projection via a mirrordome system.

My problem is that the available movie capture sizes limit the resolution of the initial 4 panel movie. What I need is a movie size with a ratio of 1 to 1.

Looking forward to any suggestions.
Chris A
I am using Celestia v1.6.1