Celestia 1.6.0-User's Guide - completed

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Re: Celestia 1.6.0-User's Guide - completed

Post #21by LordFerret » 22.11.2010, 03:31

fsgregs wrote:The Celestia User's Guide has been updated to 1.6.0. You can download it at http://www.celestiamotherlode.net/creators/fsgregs/Celestia1.6.0-UsersGuide.zip
Greetings. It's been ages since I've been on here. Just wanted to thank you for the v1.6 manual, job well done. 8)

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Re: Celestia 1.6.0-User's Guide - completed

Post #22by duds26 » 26.11.2010, 20:58

tellmeaboutit wrote:Hi everyone,

Before asking my question, I need to inform you that I am a struggling newbie. My learning curve is very steep, but I follow detailed instructions well. Please don't assume I know anything when replying to my post. You my find it helpful to know that my OS is Windows XP home SP3.

I am pleased to see that Celestia 1.6.0 has a users' guide, but after reading through this thread, I am concerned that I may need to need to know some programming to use it. I will await a reply in regard to this before downloading the Users' Guide, in the event that its use requires knowledge and experience I don't possess.

I wish to record and use a video of a view I have customized and bookmarked. My intended use is to create a screensaver using a Microsoft program written for this purpose available as a free download. I recorded a five minute segment and saved it to My Videos. I allowed Celestia to save it in default format. (I have zero experience with anything related to videos. I am looking at htis project as a learning experience as well a from the desire to reach the end goal of creating a screensaver.) I found myself unable to view the recording in both Windows Media Player and Apple Quicktime. The remainder of my post will deal with Media Player only.

The problem is obviously tied to the codec, a subject I have no understanding of. (I know that I have the ability to view AVI format; so that is not part of my problem.) Media Player gave me the error code:c00d1199-can't play the file, not supported codec used to compress file. I found no program available on the computer which I could use. Turning to online help, I found that the original error is listed as:80040218-no combination of filters could be found to render the stream. Further in that thread I found a loooooong list fo four digit codes meaning nothing to me and some solutions utilizing programming code. I explored every conceivable combination of properties for my saved video, finding nothing resembling a codec.

How do I proceed from here? Do I try to modify my saved file? Do I delete my saved file and start from scratch? Is the Users' Guide in a format that I can use without advanced Knowledge?

Your reply will be greatly appreciated.


To watch the video's simply download and install the directshow filters from xiph.org: http://xiph.org/dshow/.
They you should be able to play the video with any directShow-using application (e.g. Windows Media Player).

The built in function of Celestia uses avi container with theora video compression standard.
That you see it's avi is not enough to know all what's in it.
AVI is just the container.
You need to know which video compression and audio compression formats are being used.
The lack of support for the used format was/is your problem, but not the avi-part.

Windows media player and quicktime player don't support this format because they want to make money with h.264.

And it would have been better if you had made an own topic for your question.

Using Celestia and addons(this means NOT making addons) does not require any programming.

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Re: Celestia 1.6.0-User's Guide - completed

Post #23by Dodger » 31.07.2011, 11:25

Is there a copy somewhere in another format?
I don't do Word.

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Re: Celestia 1.6.0-User's Guide - completed

Post #24by Fenerit » 31.07.2011, 13:14

Dodger wrote:Is there a copy somewhere in another format?
I don't do Word.

Hi. Try this:
Never at rest.

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Re: Celestia 1.6.0-User's Guide - completed

Post #25by duds26 » 26.08.2011, 18:06

Please make a copy in odt available.
Just use OpenOffice.org to open the word file then do save as and choose odt.

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