adding sound effects in Celestia

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adding sound effects in Celestia

Post #1by drtortoise » 19.10.2009, 08:58


I'm a newbie to Celestia and openGL stuffs, and I'm doing an exhibition for a school project. We have a spaceship with celestia projected onto one of the walls. Then we have a laser harp with 6 lasers, connected to an arduino connected to a keyboard (or what used to be a keyboard, hehe), so that when you break a laser it is euqual to pressing a key like a, z, up, down etc...

Now, we want to add sounds. So that when you press either of up/down, left/right /, a/z, it plays a different sound. There's also a background track that will always play.

Is there a way of doing this easily in Celestia?

or should I look into an arduino way of doing it in the background?

I've tried reading up on adding sounds in Celestia, and as far as I know there is 3 ways. Downgrading to celestia 1.4 with the sound patch, getting the celestia 1.5 ED, or with the newest celestia writing a script using Lua proteaAudio?

What do you think would be the best solution?

basically we want one sound file to loop forver, then some 5 seconds clips to run whenenver one of 6 keybaord buttons are pressed. They should play on top of eachother (for instance you can accelerate, pitch and roll left at the same time).

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