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Simulate spaceship

Post #1by L_himalia » 20.08.2020, 14:06

Hello...! First of all, I apologize if theis is mentioned in some other section. I looked around and haven't found it.

I'm a teacher and this year I have to give a special course (virtualy) to 2nd grade. I've always used celestia to teach, but since I'm teaching it virtually and to little ones I thought it would be fun to simulate that we are traveling inside a spaceship. Is there a way to VIEW the screen as if we were inside a spaceship? Or something similar...?

Thanks in advance!

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Post #2by TheLostProbe » 29.09.2020, 09:24

there isn't I don't think, but I really don't know much about the spacecraft area of Celestia, so I may be wrong
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Post #3by onetwothree » 29.09.2020, 13:56

LUA tools provides something similar to what you want.

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Post #4by selden » 29.09.2020, 13:58

There is an Addon which makes it possible to add a "spaceship cockpit" to Celestia. Unfortunately its author can no longer provide support for it, but it is available in the thread viewtopic.php?f=33&t=17419

You can find discussions about this type of Addon by doing a Web search for the keywords

celestia cockpit

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