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Posted: 10.07.2021, 05:31
by pirogronian
Eric Nelson wrote:How about a lack of things such as the life cycle of stars and nebulae evolution along with pm (proper motion) and plate tectonics on terrestrial bodies like Earth for example.
Plus no tides or anything related and no universe expansion.

john71 wrote:For me the biggest problem is the lack of real time editing of add-ons.

It can be very-very-very frustrating.

I know it is related to the core logic of the software design, but this is the most frustrating part for me.

I tried to introduce dynamic content (in both creation/removing and object motion) in my fork, but it disrupted performance and was eventually rejected by @onetwothree (who also argued these features are in fact unneeded). Currently I see no way to implement dynamic octree with in-memory aligned data, which is needed to save current performance.