Heliocentric like Orbit Trace Option

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Heliocentric like Orbit Trace Option

Post #1by sunwoox » 11.12.2019, 05:48

If you put the specific planet on the center of the screen,
you can see that the other planets on the system seem like moving around that planet.
For example, Focusing on Solar system,
by putting the Earth on the center, we can observe heliocentric like planet movements.

These are relative movements for sure,
but I think someone could get some inspirations from that movements

So, I think it's better to have the option that shows the "trace" of the other planet's relative movement around the centered one.

Here comes the diagram

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Post #2by fyr02 » 12.12.2019, 02:18


Orbits can be turned on by going to Render>View Options and then clicking the box in the top right that says "Orbits".

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Post #3by SevenSpheres » 12.12.2019, 02:41

I think sunwoox wants to see, for example, the paths of the Sun and planets relative to Earth. I know of no way to do that in Celestia.

Here is an animation tracing the motion of Venus relative to Earth.
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