Graphics and Resolutions Development for Celestia

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Graphics and Resolutions Development for Celestia

Post #1by onetwothree » 05.08.2019, 10:14

Celestia 1.7 will support GL2 only (2.1 actuallly), no need to bother about ancient hw.

I'd suggest that all new textures have free licenses or be in public domain.

And actually what you propose is being made by Celestia Origin team.

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Post #2by Art Blos » 05.08.2019, 10:36

onetwothree wrote:And actually what you propose is being made by Celestia Origin team.
Yes, all textures in a future release will be in DDS format. We will completely abandon JPEG and PNG. It is the most productive and compresses well in archives.

The proposed texture resolutions are too small by modern standards. From my own experience I know that even on fairly old laptops (with drivers installed), everything will correctly display at least until to 4K. There is nothing to say about stronger systems. I myself have a 128 MB of video memory and 64K works without a glitch.

In those rare cases, when even 4K will not be displayed, you can apply virtual textures of levels 0-1.
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Post #3by Lafuente_Astronomy » 22.08.2019, 13:54

Since the original post was a copied post, and although I deleted it, the responses remain, I'll just rename this to a more proper post, and anyone can feel free to talk about resolutions and graphics here
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Post #4by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 22.08.2019, 16:17

Lack of support of the older render paths in !.7.0 might explain the BEX errors I keep getting when I try and launch 1.7.0 on my D820.
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