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What is the diameter of Celestia's virtual magnifying telescope?

Posted: 29.01.2019, 13:20
by john71
Here is the maximum magnified view of Pluto from Earth orbit in Celestia 3D.

Pluto Cel.png

Is it possible to measure or estimate the diameter of Celestia's virtual magnifying telescope?

Added after 4 minutes 51 seconds:
If I'm correct, the angular resolution of a telescope is given by θ=1.22λ/D where D is the diameter of the

Added after 5 minutes 23 seconds:
This is Hubble's view of Pluto from 2003:


Added after 3 minutes 32 seconds:
This is the magnified Pluto from Celestia:

celestia big pluto.png

Added after 4 minutes 10 seconds:
So does it mean that Celestia has the magnifying ability of the Hubble Space Telescope?

I think it is obsolete now.

We should use the Kilometer Space Telescope in Celestia 3D instead.

What do you think?

Posted: 29.01.2019, 23:44
by John Van Vliet
that really is not a Hubble image but a processed one by "mark buie "

this is the raw hubble images

and a zoom of pluto from the earth ( zoomed in in gimp )

Posted: 30.01.2019, 12:58
by john71
Thanks for the raw images!

Actually this is the Celestia image in "raw" form:

pluto unprocessed.png
pluto unprocessed.png (6.52 KiB) Viewed 1915 times

I think the difference is 3 times more pixels in Celestia.

So Celestia has a 7-8 meter wide "telescope".

Added after 3 hours 26 minutes:
It seems that Celestia is a little bit better than the James Webb Space Telescope.