Class of orbits - "TypeOrbit"

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Class of orbits - "TypeOrbit"

Post #1by Croc » 19.05.2017, 14:16

If you look at the list of asteroids on the site–1000#001,
then each record has the color designation of an asteroid belonging to a certain class of orbits:


In the official NASA database on asteroids and comets there is even more detailed asteroids in the class of orbits:


Celestia 1.6.1 has the following options:
"SpectralType" class "Star"
"Type" for a class of "Galaxy"
"Type" for class "Locations"

I suggest to include the parameter "TypeOrbit" for 1.7.0

Advantages (additional service):

1) With this parameter, you can group asteroids in the Celestial catalog.

2) In the graphical interface, this parameter can be specified in the information panel Kepler parameters:


3) This option will simplify the management of the visibility of asteroids using lua-files. If now you need a list of asteroids in the Luau file, if you have the option, you just need to specify the orbit type. When creating new asteroids lua-files do not need to be edited.
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John Van Vliet
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Post #2by John Van Vliet » 28.05.2017, 22:36

the orbit color can be set in the ssc , by using the " OrbitColor" option

for example , Io

Code: Select all

Replace "Io" "Sol/Jupiter"
  Texture "Io.ctx"
  NormalMap "IoNormal.ctx"
  NightTexture "IoNight.png"
  SemiAxes [ 1829.4 1819.3 1815.7 ]
  OrbitColor [ 0.5 0.2 0.2 ]

FarGetaNik M
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Post #3by FarGetaNik » 29.05.2017, 08:55

I think an "OrbitType" parameter would be useful. I am using different orbit colors for different minor objects (classical asteroids vs transneptunian; but mostly for groups of irregular satellites). It is a pain to color the orbit of every single object after you decide to change the color of that class, so an orbit type might help there.

Also the solar system browser would benefit, I hate it when everything is scattered around there even if sorted by object type. Sorting by orbit type would make it easier again.

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