List of impossible add-ons

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List of impossible add-ons

Post #1by john71 » 21.04.2021, 18:20

Are there any add-ons which cannot be realized in Celestia

It seems that in the last 20 years every possible idea surfaced...

Or am I wrong? :think:

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Post #2by SevenSpheres » 21.04.2021, 18:56

List of things that (as far as I know) are completely impossible in Celestia, even with workarounds, scripting, etc:

  • A file that completely removes an object defined in another file.
  • Stars with impossible colors, like green or purple (there are workarounds for this, but none that change the actual glow color of the star).
  • Anything that involves stars changing over time, since unlike ssc and dsc objects, it's impossible to make a star invisible, even using a script.
  • Stellar proper motion, and motion of DSOs.
  • Stars farther than the render limit (10 million light-years for 1.6, or 1 billion light-years for 1.7).
  • Objects with both LunarLambert and a SpecularTexture.
  • LunarLambert for clouds.
  • AltSurfaces for clouds, stars, etc.
  • Gravitational lensing.
  • Objects smaller than ~1 cm.
Will update if I think of more.
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Post #3by john71 » 21.04.2021, 19:40

Whoa, very nice list.

You can have strange colored stars, but without the glow:

strange sun.png

You can have very small objects, but Celestia won't show them, only as a point.

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