Near Earth Asteroids (NEA/NEO) database?

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Near Earth Asteroids (NEA/NEO) database?

Post #1by Vendrel » 08.01.2020, 18:28

Hi! Is anybody in the position (data access) to create a NEA addon to Celestia? It could be cool.

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Post #2by Lafuente_Astronomy » 08.01.2020, 22:46

I think there are several NEA addons already. Celestia Origin already has them, though if you only want the NEA's, I think some of the addon makers here can help with that
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Post #3by Gurren Lagann » 08.01.2020, 23:19

I took this literally, and I generated most of the (non-Apohele/non-Atira) 21,743 near-earth asteroids from MPCORB.DAT (as of January 8th 2020, at 12:34 British time).

The download is in the attachment below:
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