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by Joey P.
12.11.2017, 00:53
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Topic: Still cannot find VY Canis Majoris - checked FAQ
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Re: Still cannot find VY Canis Majoris - checked FAQ

Stand by for fireworks. VY Canis Majoris has been moved to 7th place, based on the currently quoted diameter (1420 solar radii) from its Wikipedia and Google detail page. The very large estimated ranges previously accepted (1800-2200 solar radii) overlapped with any number of stars and the position ...
by Joey P.
12.11.2017, 00:29
Forum: Add-on development
Topic: Bigest stars we know
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Re: Bigest stars we know

V382 Carinae is included, but for some reason, it has a radius of around 48 solar radii (not 747 solar radii). V509 Cassiopeiae is also included, under the alias HIP 113561, but again, it has an incorrect radius. Here is an addon I created with V838 Monocerotis:

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