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01.08.2019, 21:38
Forum: Add-on development
Topic: Help to make a (fairy complex) planetary system from scratch
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Re: Help to make a (fairy complex) planetary system from scratch

If you are using the windows based version, you may want to check in Celestia\extras\data\cc_Stars\cc_MultipleSystems\cc_Castor\ The original add-on was created by Phil Batchelor in 2008. You will find the code for the six star system of Castor (alf Gem). This really helped me understan...
by ParticleGrasp
07.04.2018, 17:07
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: space station(s)-Tiangong 2
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Re: space station(s)-Tiangong 2

I cannot be certain of how precise the orbital parameters are, but here's what I'm using for Tiangong 2: "Tiangong 2" "Sol/Earth" { Class "spacecraft" Mesh "tiangong.3ds" NormalizeMesh false MeshScale 0.001 Radius 0.0052 # Semi-Length Beginning "2015 9 15...
by ParticleGrasp
10.08.2016, 21:17
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: (#11) making a planet -Wilbur
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The Genesis of Israh; A Tutorial

in case anyone is interested in using Wilbur to create a planet, visit "The Genesis of Israh; A Tutorial @ This is NOT my website and it is non-commercial, to the best of my knowledge. While it is not specifically written for Celestia, it...
by ParticleGrasp
05.07.2013, 19:42
Forum: Physics and Astronomy
Topic: new moon orbits Pluto
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Re: new moon orbits Pluto

New names for P4 and P5:

"...The IAU is pleased to announce that today it has officially recognised the names Kerberos and Styx for the fourth and fifth moons of Pluto respectively (formerly known as P4 and P5)..."

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