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by ixfd64
04.05.2012, 19:03
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: Celestia 1.6.1 released
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Re: Celestia 1.6.1 released

There's a little typo on the News page. It says that 1.6.1 was released in June 2010.
by ixfd64
23.11.2009, 06:36
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: About the spam bots
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Re: About the spam bots

One thing we could do is to disallow new users who have less than a certain number of posts from posting hyperlinks. However, this will most likely impact legitimate users (my first post had a link). This may also be ineffective against the trickier bots that add legit-looking posts (e.g., "Hi,...
by ixfd64
02.11.2009, 04:51
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: introducing myself + a few feature requests
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introducing myself + a few feature requests

Hey, my name is Danny and I've been using Celestia since 2005. I really like it; it's hard to imagine that only scientists had programs like these back in the day! :) Anyways, I have a few suggestions: Object name suggestions Currently, if a user enters the name of a non-existent object, Celestia do...

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