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by JLF1961
03.10.2019, 21:38
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Topic: Want to make some modifications
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Want to make some modifications

There are a few things I would like to do, and I am sure that there are folks on this board that will either A) Hunt me down and beat me with a large fish (see the movie Dogma) or B) have an alien race pick me up for study. 1) I want to add a large space station at the L1 point between the earth and...
by JLF1961
30.12.2018, 08:11
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: SciFi Celsetia?
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Re: SciFi Celsetia?

The firefly 'verse is a Quintenary system, five stars. Taken from the semi official wiki site: Astronomers discover several planets within the 34Tauri (2020) star cluster. P/2027(White Sun)03 showing chemical signature of Earthlike conditions. Despite reddish hue, P/2027(White Sun)04 showing similar...

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