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by callix
29.11.2017, 05:29
Forum: Bugs
Topic: FOV jumps
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Re: FOV jumps

This happened to me a couple of times now, one time when when the delivery truck came with my orders from 4WheelOnline. Last thing I remember I minimized it, when I return the view was like in small value as described.
by callix
28.11.2017, 06:35
Forum: Add-on development
Topic: Bigest stars we know
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Re: Bigest stars we know

Nice addon Joey!
by callix
27.11.2017, 07:23
Forum: Add-on development
Topic: Red Supergiant Ready For Download
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Re: Red Supergiant Ready For Download

Can't find it here in my end either.
by callix
24.11.2017, 08:10
Forum: Add-on development
Topic: Pitch Black system
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Re: Pitch Black system

This is going to be an interesting build.
by callix
23.11.2017, 08:23
Forum: Add-on development
Topic: New star textures
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Re: New star textures

Great improvement from 10 years back.
by callix
22.11.2017, 09:00
Forum: Add-on releases
Topic: Earth Night (64K)
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Re: Earth Night (64K)

Great works guys!

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