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11.10.2016, 15:14
Forum: Petit Bistro Entropy
Topic: Space Engine
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Re: Space Engine

Space Engine just looks so much better, that's the main problem with Celestia. It's also much easier to navigate, and being able to land on planets and look up at the stars is great. Is Celestia more accurate? Presumably they're both based on similar data - the only thing is SE procedurally generate...
by robulous
10.10.2016, 15:12
Forum: Development
Topic: Celestia 1.7.0 Development will begin soon
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Re: Celestia 1.7.0 Development will begin soon

Sad to say I'd abandoned Celestia for SpaceEngine, mainly because SE has hugely better graphics. But modding in Celestia is still far simpler. Ideally I'd like to see a new Celestia that takes advantage of modern computing power and graphics, while retaining its easy modability. I'd also suggest hav...
by robulous
10.10.2016, 15:08
Forum: Help Central
Topic: Separating geosynchronous satellites
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Separating geosynchronous satellites

I'm a Celestia noob (or rather, returning after many years) developing a scifi mod with a planet that has four geosynchronous satellites in equally spaced equatorial orbits. I've got the objects in my SSC (largely I copied the text from the mod listing satellites orbiting Earth), and I've adjusted s...

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