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28.02.2011, 04:42
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Topic: Updated Mars Rotovator Posted
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Updated Mars Rotovator Posted

This is a bit late but I'm announcing the release of my version 2.0 Mars Rotovator at Celestia Motherlode. Here's the link: The models were borrowed and in some cases modified with approval from Tom Guilpain, Rob Sanders,...
by nyar
08.02.2011, 04:32
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: Post your Celestia videos!
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Re: Post your Celestia videos!

Here's my contribution. It's a little video that I put together using Celestia and Movie Maker. It shows a Martian orbital rotating momentum exchange tether (rotovator) accelerating a spaceship to beyond escape velocity and sending it to another part of the solar system. nyar
by nyar
06.02.2011, 05:34
Forum: Celestia Users
Topic: Old Pictures from Celestia (locked)
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Re: Post your Celestia pictures!

Hi. I'm posting a few pics from my new martian rotovator system. It grants me some spectacular shots. For those who don't know, a rotovator is a giant sized rotating orbital tether, smaller than the traditional geosynchronous tether but still immense. And far more practical, especially on a low grav...

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